10-item Checklists©

10-item Checklists© are designed to help assure a more competent and standardized performance of medical proceures and avoid practice variations that can jeopardize patient safety.

–  Checklists are successfully used in many industrial fields including the aviation, aerospace, and energy industries to enhance safety and efficiency.
– Checklists are also used for testing purposes or to monitor progress along the learning curve from novice to competent performance.
– Studies show that standarization, often through the use of uniform protocols and checklists, improves the portability of expertise irrespective ot the country, the facility or the health care professionals implementing protocols
– While implementation of a uniform process may feel like behavior modification, checklists reduce practice variations and improve quality of patient care. They also reduce the possibility of errors or doing something incompletely. They simplify and clarify specific tasks, reduce waste, make outcomes more predictable and controllable, and define responsibilities clearly for team members.

10-item Checklists© and user instructions pertain to:
–  Moderate sedation
–  Fluroscopy
–  Informed Consent
–  Procedural pause and Universal precautions
–  4-Box Practical Approach
–  Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step
–  Proctored flexible bronchoscopy
–  Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)
–  Introduction to Flexible Bronchoscopy Program completion

10-item Checklists© are available on the Downloads page.

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