About us

Bronchoscopy International® is the education arm of the Foundation for the Advancement of Medicine. OUR MISSION is to eliminate human suffering caused by variations in training and poor access to learning resources within medical institutions and across geographic regions. We are particularly committed to training health care professionals in less developed countries.

  • Why Bronchoscopy International?
    In today’s world, the see one, do one, teach one model of medical training is unacceptable. We don’t think doctors should learn by using patients as guinea pigs. Our Certified and Master instructors have a lifetime of experience teaching bronchoscopy and other chest procedures around the world. Bronchoscopy International® was formed to change the paradigm of medical procedural education and to disturb the status quo. By working on a global level, we promote common interests of procedural competency. We level the playing field when it comes to access to knowledge and technical skills. We advocate learning on models and we teach medical educators how to use a multidimensional curriculum so doctors have the same access to knowledge and technical experience regardless of where they live and work. Our founding principle is the democratization of knowledge. This is why our learning resources are universally applicable and provided free of charge. We are honored that corporations, medical societies, and universities around the world embrace our philosophy, adopt our educational methods, help support our research, and use our vocabulary as they develop their own educational and commercial products.
  • How does medical education reduce human suffering?
    Patients suffer the burden of medical education when procedures take longer than necessary, require more sedation or anesthesia, cause pain or discomfort, adverse events, need to be repeated, or do not meet expected results. Physicians should not “practice” on their patients when they can acquire most skills in a simulation setting. By training competent physicians, we promote global health and reduce human suffering. We make it easier for procedures that require specific training and equipment to be accessible to a larger group of patients, especially in regions where some technologies are underused or are not available at all.
  • Who pays for Bronchoscopy International?
    Bronchoscopy International is the education arm of the Foundation for the Advancement of Medicine, a nonprofit 501(c)3 foundation registered in San Diego, California since 1994. The founder is Henri Colt, Emeritus Professor University of California. Our work depends on philanthropic donations and partnerships with medical societies and teaching institutions.
  • Can I become a certified or master instructor?
    Yes! Our instructors have a lifetime of experience teaching medical procedures around the world.  To get involved you may start by attending one of our workshops or Train-the-Trainers courses. There are set criteria to become a certified or master instructor. Also, join your regional bronchology association and become a member of the World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology. Subscribe to the Colt’s Corner Blog and join our Bronchoscopy International network on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
  • Do you compete with other organizations?
    No. We complement rather than compete with other organizations. Our goal is to reduce human suffering and improve patient care through medical education. We try to break down local barriers and eliminate egos. We strive for competency so that bronchoscopy and interventional pulmonology become accessible to patients everywhere.

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