Dr. Hagen Biermann

Vrije Universiteit Medical Center
Amsterdam – the Netherlands
Phone: 31 – 20 – 444 2884
Fax: 31- 20- 444 4328

Dr. Biermann is a graduate of the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf, Germany (1994). During his specialization in Anesthesiology at the University of Cologne, Germany, he completed his thesis and training in Emergency Medicine and Air Rescue and was involved in interventional bronchoscopy together with K Wassermann from the Department of Medicine. In 2000 he finished his training in Anesthesiology and joined the staff at the Department of Anesthesiology in Cologne for two years. Dr. Biermann started in 2002 his special training in Intensive Care Medicine at the VU Free University medical center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He then joined The Lung Intervention Group there led by TG Sutedja.

Dr. Biermann is currently director of the ICarUS Intensive Care Simulation Center, in Amsterdam. He has taught a wide variety of courses that combine medical skills with medical simulation in the fields of mechanical ventilation, sepsis, trauma-management, difficult airway-management,and bronchoscopy, including interventional bronchoscopy in cooperation with the multidisciplinary Lung Intervention team of the VU Free University medical center, Amsterdam.