Course Descriptions

     The Bronchoscopy Education Project (BEP) is a collaborative program between Bronchoscopy International and The World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology. Seminars are hosted by university-based teaching programs around the world. Bronchoscopy International’s Certified and Master trainers deliver a uniform, multidimensional Fundamentals of Flexible Bronchoscopy curriculum that assures equal access to knowledge and technical skills regardless of a chest physician’s country of practice.
The program includes didactic and interactive lectures, instructional videos, case-based practical approach exercises, problem-solving small group sessions, role-playing exercises, and step-by-step hands-on workshops using models, simulation, and virtual reality platforms. Associated with this program, specially designed Train the Trainer seminars help experienced bronchoscopists enhance their teaching and presentation skills. Focus is on the use of competency-oriented measurement instruments such as validated assessment tools, checklists to assure patient safety and technical skill proficiency, and positive reinforcement coaching techniques used during interactive case-based exercises.  Participants increase their understanding of educational methodologies such as learner-centricity, inverted classroom, step-by-step training, and computer or mobile tablet-based individualized instruction.
During the last five years, more than two dozen certified and master instructors have helped train more than 1000 participants from thirty-four countries (Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba, Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico, Australia, United States, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Great Britain, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Macedonia).

Train the Trainers, Spain 2017

Teaching Step-by-Step, Brazil 2017

A few testimonials from participants:
“I always thought I knew how to teach, but this course made me realize how much better I could become.”
Javier Flandes, MD, Spain
“I never knew thinking outside the box could be so exciting!”
Fabien Maldonado, MD, USA (now a Certified instructor)
“This was much more than a bronchoscopy training course. It was more like a psychologic catharsis.”
Spencer Camargo, MD, Brazil
“There are no accidents in this course. Every interaction is aimed at changing how you think about the teacher-student relationship. It was inspiring, motivational, and almost revolutionary in the way it affected my approach to training!”
Silvia Quadrelli MD, PhD (now a Master instructor)
“Concise, practical, and fun. This course reinforced my belief that competency-oriented measurement instruments not only complement, but significantly enhance the apprenticeship model of medical procedural training.”
David Fielding, MD, Australia (now a Certified instructor)


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