The COVIDBRONCH™ Initiative is an international network of airway specialists created to foster research, planning, and the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge regarding COVID-19.

Launched by Drs. Rob Lentz and Henri Colt in March 2020, The Initiative includes opinion leaders from universities, medical societies, and the private sector. Shortly after the World Health Organization declared the SARS-CoV-2 a pandemic, The COVIDBRONCH Initiative launched COVIDBRONCH-LIT, a central repository of carefully selected and highlighted articles from the medical literature for healthcare providers around the world: The site is accessed at

In addition, two global, survey-based research projects were launched; the first pertaining to the safety and performance of flexible bronchoscopy in known or suspected COVID-19 patients (GPS-BD), the second pertaining to the risks and rates of transmission of COVID-19 to health care workers (ACT-HCW).

COVIDBRONCH GPS-BD: Global Pandemic SARS CoV-2 Bronchoscopy Database

Data to guide evidenced-based practices are urgently needed. This online survey allows us to rapidly address gaps in knowledge regarding how bronchoscopy is used utilized during this epidemic, its diagnostic yield for SARS-CoV-2, its risk to patients and providers, and the effect of bronchoscopy on management decision. This research has been reviewed and approved/considered exempt by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Institutional Review Board.

For the GPS-BD protocol, printable survey, and other information, click:

To access the online GPS-BD Survey, click:

COVIDBRONCH ACT-HCW: Assessment of COVID-19 Transmission to Health Care Workers

There is an urgent need to identify medical workplace exposures potentially associated with an increased risk of transmission of COVID-19 to healthcare workers (type of contact, Personal Protective Equipment use, institutional policies, and practices). This survey is for any healthcare professional who has been ill with or tested positive for COVID-19. Healthy healthcare workers who have worked in the last two weeks can also complete the survey (healthy controls).  

For the ACT-HCW protocol, printable survey, and other information, click:

To access the online ACT-HCW Survey, click:

The COVIDBRONCH Initiative