4-Box Practical Approach

Using the 4-Box Approach:

  • Learners gain cognitive, technical, affective, and experiential patient-focused skills.
  • Learners become more competent in decision-making, execution, and response to complications.
  • Learns justify their management decisions using clinical data and scientific evidence.
  • The 4-Box Approach complies with ACGME professionalism competency guidelines.

The 4-Box Practical Approach 4-Box Approach Poster and The 4-Box Approach Guidelines for Use

–   4-Box Approach case studies (PowerPoint slides)
–   4-Box Approach case studies (written scenarios, vol. 1)

4-Box Approach Video archives
–   4 Box Video Archive cases 1-3
–  4 Box Video Archive cases 4-6
–   4 Box Video Archive cases 7-11
–   4 Box Video Archive cases 12-15

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