4-Box Practical Approach

The 4-Box Practical Approach© is a series of case studies to help acquire the cognitive, technical, affective, and experiential knowledge needed to become a competent bronchoscopist. The 4-Box Approach can be used regardless of  skill to improve bronchoscopy-related decision making.

Also, see Bronchoscopy and Central Airways Disorders: A Patient-centered Approach by Colt and Murgu (pub. Elsevier/Saunders) 

Using the 4-Box Approach:

  • Learners gain cognitive, technical, affective, and experiential skills in a patient/family-focused-care environment.
  • Competency is sought in strategy and planning, execution, and response to procedure-related adverse events/complications.
  • The 4-box approach  includes pre-procedure evaluation, bronchoscopy techniques,srategy based on expected results, and follow-up.
  • Depth of knowledge and decision-making skills are assessed by asking learners to justify management decisions using clinical data, scientific evidence (literature), and experience.
  • The 4-Box Approach complies with ACGME professionalism competency guidelines by also addressing ethics, informed consent, and outcomes based on all possible results.

The 4-Box Practical Approach© follows recommendations from the American College of Graduate Medical Education.  Trainees learn:

  • To gather essential and accurate information about their patients.
  • To make informed decisions about diagnostic and therapeutic interventions based on patient information and preferences, up-to-date scientific evidence, and clinical judgment.
  • To use information technology to support patient care decisions and patient education.
  • To develop patient management plans.
  • To counsel and educate patients and their families.
  • To communicate effectively and demonstrate caring and respectful behaviors when interacting with patients and their families.
  • To provide health care services aimed at preventing health problems or maintaining health.
  • To work with health care professionals, including those from other disciplines, to provide patient-focused care.

Please reference as: http://www.Bronchoscopy.org/Practical Approach.

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