Bronchoscopy Assessment Tools©

Bronchoscopy Assessment Tools© is a collection of research-validated measurement instruments downloadable as PDF files: Each competency-oriented assessment tool is designed to measure a student’s technical and interpretative skills performing a specific procedure.

  • Assessment tool checklists, Image quizzes, and scoring instructions are available as eBook collections.
  • Assessment tool checklists and Image quizzes are also available for individual download.

Since our first published studies using simulation almost twenty years ago, we strongly believe that an objective evaluation of technical skill and clinical judgement (decision-making) is needed for competency-oriented training. Just like driving (and parking) an automobile, or flying  an airplane (including take off, landing, and responding to problems), the ability to perform medical procedures should be objectively measured.
We believe that testing along the learning curve is like tasting is to cooking. Weaknesses are readily identified and corrected through focused teaching sessions. Individual strengths are reinforced, and confidence is gained by self-assessment and interaction with an instructor. Skill assessments are performed using inanimate models and computer-based simulation. After skills are demonstrated and objectively measured in models, testing can be done in real patients.

The Bronchoscopy Skills and Tasks Assessment Tool (B-STAT) measures:
–  Posture and hand position during inspection bronchoscopy
– Ability to maneuver the bronchoscope in the airways
– Ability to accurately identify tracheobronchial anatomy
– Ability to enter all bronchial segments
– The image quiz introduces a common language used for describing mucosal lesions and secretions.

The BSTAT-TBLB/TBNA measures:
– Inspection bronchoscopy skill
– Ability to maneuver and operate accessory instruments for transbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) and transbronchial lung biopsy (TBLB).
– The image quiz introduces clinical judgement  and radiographic interpretation skills.

The EBUS-STAT measures:
– Technical skill and  ultrasound image interpretation necessary for performing endobronchial ultrasound needle aspiration (EBUS-TBNA).

The Ultrasound Guided Skills and Tasks Assessment Tool (USGSTAT) measures:
– Ultrasound -guided thoracentesis technical skills.
– Pleural ultrasound image interpretation skills.

Assessment tools can be downloaded teaching and training purposes. If used for presentations or publication, please cite as: Bronchoscopy International: Bronchoscopy Assessment Tools, Published 2016 (Please add “Date Accessed”).

To access and download Bronchoscopy Assessment Tools© please go to the Bronchoscopy Education Project Resource Center or Downloads page.

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