Promoting global health through medical education

     Bronchoscopy International Foundation for the Advancement of Medicine promotes global health through medical education.  Our organizing principles are the democratization of knowledge (free and open access to most learning materials), and that doctors should not learn by using patients when alternatives such as models, new technologies, and modern teaching methods are available. Our goal is to eliminate patient suffering caused by inadequately trained doctors.
     Our experts conduct training programs around the world in order to assure equal access to knowledge and technical skill regardless of where chest physicians practice.
     In order to eliminate patient suffering caused by unequal levels of physician expertise and variations in training within and across medical institutions,
–   we design and distribute free learning materials that help doctors become better teachers and patient-care providers.
–   we help educators implement a multidimensional learner-centric program that respects cultural differences and diverse practice patterns.
–   we train international groups of instructors how to use simulation settings, models, role-playing exercises, checklists, competency-based assessment tools, problem-based learning, step-by-step teaching techniques, interactive-style lectures, social media, and various leadership styles.

Competency-based training is our philosophy

Henri Colt MD, FCCP, FAWM, Emeritus Professor, University of California, Past-chair, WABIP

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More than 30 Train-the-Trainer workshops have been conducted in 25 countries since 2012.

Train the Trainer Workshops and other courses are officially endorsed by The World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (WABIP) and national medical societies from around the world.
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Workshops in 2020
Kenya, Bulgaria, Moldavia, dates and other locations pending

Certified and Master instructors conduct workshops around the world. We partner with medical associations, major university hospitals, and ministries of health. Bronchoscopy International Foundation for the Advancement of Medicine is a 501-C3 nonprofit organization registered in San Diego CA since 1997.

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