Promoting global health through medical education

     Bronchoscopy International Foundation for the Advancement of Medicine promotes global health through medical education.  Our goal is to eliminate patient suffering caused by inadequately trained doctors. Our experts conduct training programs around the world in order to assure equal access to knowledge and technical skill regardless of where chest physicians and airway surgeons practice.
     To eliminate patient suffering caused by unequal levels of physician expertise and on-the-job medical training.
To diminish inefficiencies caused when doctors use patients for training in medical procedures. In order to accomplish this objective we:
–   Design and freely distribute learning materials that help doctors become better teachers and patient-care providers.
–   Promote the use of a multidimensional curriculum that encompasses training models, film, simulation, and structured learning curricula respective of cultural differences and individual practice biases.
–   Educate an international group of certified master instructors skilled in the use of motivational presentation techniques, procedure-based simulation, checklists, problem-based learning tools, step-by-step instructional methods, and objective measures of competency.

Testing is to teaching, what tasting is to cooking. Objective skill assessments reinforce a learner’s strengths and identify correctable weaknesses.  

Henri Colt MD, FCCP, FAWM, Emeritus Professor, University of California, Past-chair, WABIP




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In partnership with the  WABIP, more than 30 Train-the-Trainer programs have been conducted since 2012.

Train the Trainer Programs are officially endorsed by The World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (WABIP) and national medical societies from around the world.
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Programs Scheduled for 2019 include:
Szeged Hungary May 23-25 (Introductory course), Madrid Spain May 31-June1 (Introductory course), Algiers Algeria December 4-6 (Train the Trainer program).