What is BronchAtlas©

BronchAtlas© is a two-part learning program that includes:

  • BronchAtlas Video Series for iPhone and Android  (PDF files with linked YouTube instructional videos on specific bronchoscopy patient management issues).
    BronchAtlas for iPhone Module 1

The BronchAtlas© Video Archive for these presentations is available on You Tube BronchOrg (BronchAtlas Video Archive) at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jjwi5gk_4c

The BronchAtlas© collection is protected under Creative Commons. All presentations can be downloaded and used for teaching, research, or learning purposes.  In case of publication or presentations, we would appreciate it if you would please cite as follows:

Bronchoscopy International: BronchAtlas©, an Electronic On-Line Multimedia Slide Presentation, www.bronchoscopy.org/BronchAtlas, published 2017,  (please add “date accessed”).

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