Colts Corner is a collection of my thoughts about bronchoscopy-related topics

The Bronchoscopist’s Umwelt posted on 2019-04-29

Ten years after Shigeto Ikeda first introduced the flexible bronchoscope to the world, I gazed into the incredible fractal anatomy of a patient’s tracheobronchial tree.  Back then, flexible bronchoscopes were made of fiberoptic bundles that required an external light source for illumination. Today’s instruments incorporate increasingly complex technologies that provide greater visibility and access than  [Read More]

Death in Venice posted on 2019-04-15

Venice has 150 waterways and 455 bridges connecting more than 120 small islands. There are hundreds of narrow alleyways, art museums, shops, restaurants and outdoor cafés. The city is an emblem of Italy’s charms, and its people have a history rich with experience in diplomacy, the humanities, and intellectual creativity. This week, a limited-attendance conference  [Read More]

Bronchology and the 20th anniversary of The Matrix posted on 2019-03-29

Twenty years ago this week the science fiction film The Matrix was released in the United States. This film directed by the Wachowskis brothers stars Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne. The film grossed more than 460 million dollars worldwide.  The Matrix describes a dystopian future in which the hero is a computer programmer named Thomas  [Read More]

World Tuberculosis Day posted on 2019-03-25

Sunday, March 24 is World Tuberculosis Day. It is natural, therefore, that I devote one or two posts to this disease that continues to trouble humanity. Years ago, I served as the country TB officer in Portland, Oregon, and since then have participated in several antituberculosis campaigns by humanitarian organizations. My goal herein and in  [Read More]

Challenges in East Africa: Abuse, AIDS, and Accidents posted on 2019-03-07

There is something magical about traveling through East Africa. Perhaps it is because the region is the cradle of Homo Sapiens (the oldest remains of which were discovered in Omo National Park in Ethiopia, and Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania). Perhaps it  is because of the wildlife roaming throughout the Great Rift Valley, or scaling the  [Read More]