Our International Faculty (Master Instructors, Certified Instructors, and Contributors) teach courses and help assure the validity and accuracy of our training materials. All are recognized experts in Bronchoscopy and Interventional Pulmonology

To become a Certified Instructor, one must: (1) attend a faculty development program, (2) demonstrate knowledge of Bronchoscopy Education Project learning materials (reading materials, videos, exercises, checklists, and assessment tools), (3) incorporate all or some of these learning materials into lectures and educational programs, (4) participate as an instructor in at least ONE regional, national, or international Introduction to Flexible Bronchoscopy Course or other WABIP/BI cosponsored program under the observation of a Master Instructor, and (5) be actively engaged in promoting Bronchoscopy International’s learner-centric training philosophy. Master Instructors are certified instructors who meet additional criteria and demonstrate exemplary knowledge and understanding of modern educational techniques, materials, and principles used in our programs (contact BI for more information).

Hideo Saka MD (Nagoya, Japan)
Maria Simon MD (Cluj, Romania)
Zsolt Papai MD (Budapest, Hungary)
Rosa Cordovilla MD (Salamanca, Spain)
Grigoris Stratakos MD (Athens, Grece)
Hugo Oliveira MD (Porto Allegre, Brazil)
Henri Colt, MD. (Laguna Beach, USA)
Julius Dalupang MD (Manilla, Philippines)
Eric Edell, MD (Rochester, USA)
Artemio Garcia MD (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Septimiu Murgu MD (Chicago,USA)
Silvia Quadrelli, MD (Buenos Aires, Argentina),
Patricia Vujacich, MD (Buenos Aires, Argentina),
Pedro Grynblat, MD (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Pyng Lee MD (Singapore)
Viviane Rossie Figueiredo MD (Sao Paolo, Brazil),
Pedro Garcia Mantilla MD (Lima, Peru)
David Fielding MD (Brisbane, Australia)
Jonathan Williamson MD (Sydney, Australia)
Hernan Ianella MD (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Fernando Galindez MD (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Philip Eng, MD (Singapore)
J. Scott Ferguson MD  (Wisconsin, USA)
Kwun Fong MD (Brisbane, Australia)
Nikos Kouffos MD (Athens, Greece)
Domingo Perez MD (Asuncion, Paraguay)
Mohsen Davoudi, MD (California, USA)
Fabien Maldonado MD (Nashville, USA)
Elizabeth Becerra MD (Lima, Peru)
Hiroaki Osada, MD, PhD  (Tokyo, Japan)
Mauro Musa Zamboni MD (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Enrique Cases MD (Valencia, Spain).
Iris Boyeras MD (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
George Eapen MD (Houston, USA)
Kay Leong Khoo MD (Singapore)
Janeth Sampson MD (Manilla, Philippines)
Matt Salamonsen MD (Perth, Australia)
Mihai Olteanu MD (Craiova, Romania)
Ales Rozman MD (Golnik, Slovenia)
Spasoje Popevic MD (Belgrade, Serbia)
Elaine Yap MD (Auckland, New Zealand)

Patrick Barron (Tokyo Medical University, retired Japan)
Hagen Biermann (Vrije Universiteit Medical Center (Amsterdam – the Netherlands)
Semra Bilaceroglu, MD (Izmir Turkey)
Prashant N. Chhajed MD ( Institute of Pulmonology Mumbai, India)
John F. Conforti DO (Wake Forest University (USA)
Lorenzo Corbetta MD (University of Florence Italy)
Stephen Crawford, MD (San Diego USA)
Lionel Donato, MD (Strasburg France) 
Marios Froudarakis MD (University of Thrace Alexandroupolis, Greece) 
Stefano Gasparini, MD (Regional Hospital, Ancona Italy) 
Norihiko Ikeda MD (Tokyo Medical University Japan)
Hojoong Kim MD (Sungkyunkwan University Korea)
Emad Korraa, MD (Egypt)
Carla Lamb MD (Lahey Clinic, Boston USA) 
Mark E. Lund MD (Drexel University USA)
Charles Hugo Marquette MD. (Nice, France) 
Atul C. Mehta MD (Cleveland Clinic USA)
Rodolfo C. Morice MD (Wellington New Zealand)
Udaya B.S. Prakash MD (Mayo Clinic USA) 
Mohammed Shareef MD (USA)
Shaheen Islam MD  (Augusta, Georgia (USA).
Tarek Safwat MD (Egypt) 
Ngoc van Tran M (Cho Ray University Hospital Vietnam)
Jean-Michel Vergnon MD (University of Sainte Etienne France) 
Momen M. Wahidi MD (Duke University USA)
Kazuhiro Yasufuku MD (University of Toronto Canada) 
Ching-Fei Chang MD (University of Southern California)
Ali Musani MD (Wisconsin, USA)
AB Alraiyes MD (Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Chicago),
Gwen Agra MD (Cardinal Santos and St. Lukes Medical Center, Philippines)
Kada Bentata MD (Mostaganem, Algeria)

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