What is Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step©

Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step

Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step© is a collection of exercises that teach:

  • Technical skills like one learns to dance or play an instrument.
  • “Muscle memory.”
  • A systematic approach to bronchoscopic inspection.
  • How to identify and enter all bronchial segments with ease.
  • How to perform an accurate inspection bronchoscopy.

Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step© can be mastered by experienced bronchoscopists and their students regardless of whether procedures are performed from in front of or behind the patient using either a nasal or oral approach.

Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step© can also be taught in a real patient care setting. The duration of a procedure is significantly decreased and patient safety is improved.

To learn more about Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step© please view the following:
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