Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step©

Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step© is a series of exercises that teaches muscle memory and systematic approach to bronchoscopic inspection so bronchial segments are entered with ease and accuracy.

Similar to learning to play a musical instrument, bronchoscopy can be mastered using a series of exercises that allow a complete bronchoscopic airway inspection. Using a nasal and oral approach from the head and from in front of the patient, images are intentionally intermixed to enhance learning.

Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step© is best taught in models. It can be used in patients to help learners master technical skills.

Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step© Videos:
Step-by-Step Description
Step by Step Video exercises 1-6
Step by Step Video exercises 7-8
Bronchoscopy Step by Step Exercises PowerPoint

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