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The Bronchoscopy Education Project (BEP) includes seminars and hands-on training to physicians all over the world. These include Introduction to Flexible Bronchoscopy courses for beginners, Fundamentals of Flexible Bronchoscopy courses for novice or intermediate bronchoscopists and physicians-in-practice, and Train-the-Trainers courses for bronchoscopy educators.  

Programs are supported by The World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology. They are cosponsored by national bronchology societies and host academic institutions. All courses are taught by Bronchoscopy International’s certified and Master instructors. More than 30 competency-based programs were conducted in 25 countries in the last six years. 

Introduction to Flexible Bronchoscopy and Fundamentals of Flexible Bronchoscopy programs include:
– Interactive lectures 
– Inverted (flipped) classroom assignments
– Step-by-step bronchoscopy skills training
– Hands-on practice sessions 
– Small-group case-based discussions
– Role-playing exercises
– Self and instructor-based evaluations
– Video-based lessons, and
– Individualized hands-on instruction

“This was much more than a bronchoscopy training course. It was more like a psychologic catharsis.”  
Spencer Camargo, MD, Brazil

Train-the-Trainers programs are specifically designed for educators:
– Learn how to use assessment tools and checklists
– Practice public speaking and learn how to best teach small groups
– Practice communication skills and giving positive reinforcement
– Learn how to teach using a step-by-step technique
– Learn and practice how to conduct case-based discussions.
– Learn about and debate different educational philosophies
– Design and implement a learner-centric curriculum.

“There are no accidents in this course. Every interaction is aimed at changing how you think about the teacher-student relationship. It was inspiring, motivational, and almost revolutionary in the way it affected my approach to training!”  
Silvia Quadrelli MD, Ph.D. (Master instructor)

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