Colts Corner is a collection of my thoughts about bronchoscopy-related topics

History is important posted on 2018-02-15

Elizabeth Hawley died in Kathmandu on January 20, 2018. She was 94 years old. This American journalist was known as “a one-woman climbing institution.” She first went to Nepal as a writer representing Reuters back in 1960, and stayed in Nepal ever since. Prior to Nepal, she had used her life savings to pay for  [Read More]

Optimism posted on 2018-01-18

  Optimism is the magic word for 2018, shared by world leaders, economists, and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates, who was asked to choose the title to the January 15 issue of Time Magazine. Mohamad met Mr. Gates in 2012, when the child was less than a month old, and had not yet received vaccinations against  [Read More]

The Value of a Transformational Gift posted on 2017-12-19

As 2017 nears its end, it is traditional to look back and examine both the good and the bad, the obstacles overcome and the challenges ahead. For this there is little more important than the value of a transformational gift. Whether the gift is a gift of time, energy, dedication, money, materials, ideas, or inspiration,  [Read More]

Adult Motivations for High-Scoring Learning Assessments posted on 2017-12-08

Learning assessments are an important and integral part of competency-oriented training programs such as those advocated by Bronchoscopy International (BI) and The World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (WABIP). Assessment tools such as the BSTAT, EBUS-STAT, BSTAT-TBNA/TBLB and USG-STAT are already being used in training programs around the world to help measure progress along  [Read More]

On Leadership and Education posted on 2017-11-24

During another recent, nonmedicine-related trip to the Middle East and Jerusalem, I had the privilege of experiencing first hand many examples of leadership on an international scale. This trip reminded me of the importance of the educator-leader, and inspires me to make several small but important revisions to the WABIP/Bronchoscopy International Train-the-Trainer core curriculum. Leadership  [Read More]