Our international faculty of Certified and Master Instructors advocate for the democratization (some call it liberalization) of knowledge. Our learning materials are free, and many have been translated by generous volunteers. Our educational resources are applicable to medical environments everywhere in the world. 

Bronchoscopy International has conducted more than 30 hands-on training programs in 25 countries and reached 300 physician leaders and more than 1000 doctors-in-training in recent years. Our partners include The World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology, national universities, and regional medical societies.

Our programs are learner-centric and multidimensional. They include an Introduction to Flexible Bronchoscopy course, a Fundamentals of Bronchoscopy course, and a Train-the-Trainers course to improve skills and teaching abilities using materials such as competency-based objective assessment tools, small group role-playing exercises, case-based learning, checklists, step-by-step technical skill training,  motivational presentations, instructional videos, mobile platforms, interactive lectures, reversed classrooms, simulation/models, and above all, a humble teaching philosophy.

  • The Essential Bronchoscopist Series®
    Every module contains multiple-choice question/answer sets, post-test questions, and abundant illustrations. Also available on Amazon and Kindle.
  • BronchAtlas®
    A series of PowerPoint slide presentations, eBooks, and Instructional Videos covering fundamentals of bronchoscopy.
  • 4-Box Practical Approach©
    Competency-oriented clinical case studies to gain cognitive, technical, affective, and experiential knowledge.
  • Bronchoscopy Step by Step©
    Exercises teach technical skills the same way you learn to play a musical instrument. Instructional videos are on our YouTube channel.
  • Bronchoscopy and Pleural Assessment Tools©
    Validated competency-based assessment tools objectively measure technical skills and progress along the learning curve.
  • 10-item Checklists©
    Checklists help assure competent, standardized performance and avoid practice variations that jeopardize patient safety.
  • BronchPilot Anatomy™ 
    Dual touch-screen technology and instructional videos help master lung, airway, and mediastinal anatomy.
  • Video Lessons (YouTube)  
    Step-by-step instructional videos on everything from inspection bronchoscopy to preparing slides for cytologic examination.

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