The COVIDBRONCH Initiative

The COVIDBRONCH Initiative

The COVIDBRONCH™ Initiative fosters research and education about COVID-19 and related illnesses.

Created by Drs. Rob Lentz and Henri Colt in March 2020, the Initiative includes an international network of airway specialists and global or regional opinion leaders from universities, national medical societies, and the private sector. Our first project was launched shortly after the World Health Organization announced the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The COVIDBRONCH-LIT is a central repository of carefully selected and highlighted articles on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19 and related illnesses.

We also designed two survey-based global research projects. The first was a study of the risks and rates of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 to health care workers (The ACT-HCW). Results are published In the Journal of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology (download article here). The second is a study of bronchoscopy in the first six months of the pandemic. This was recently completed using a specially-designed Global Pandemic SARS CoV-2 Bronchoscopy Database (GPS-BD). Our goal is to characterize bronchoscopy practice patterns, diagnostic yields, and bronchoscopy-related adverse events in patients with known COVID-19 or COVID-like illness during the first months of the pandemic.

We use social media and instant messaging programs to share COVID-19 related experience within a network of more than 6000 lung and airway specialists in forty countries around the world.

The team at Bronchoscopy International with the assistance of J. Heubeck Esq. designed teaching materials about Personal Protective Equipment (download BI Briefs here).

Other publications pertain to using physician-retirees on the frontlines, a summary of bronchoscopy guidelines for COVID-19, a commentary on the use of social media during COVID, and a review paper on the applications of artificial intelligence in pulmonary medicine and COVID-19 (download articles here).

To access the ACT-HCW protocol, printable survey, and other materials, download here.
To access the GPS-BD protocol, printable survey, and other materials, download here.

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