Bronchoscopy in Bangladesh

Dr. Nirmal Sarkar excels in hands-off / hands-on teaching
(Photo H. Colt)

September marked another exciting moment for bronchoscopists in Bangladesh. The 2nd International Conference on Interventional Pulmonology was held in the capital city of Dhaka. A prestigious international faculty under the leadership of Professors Mohammad Hiron (Chairman BABIP), Akhtar Hossain (Vice-Chairman), Dr. Sayedul Islam (Secretary-General), and Abdur Rouf (Program  Director) brought bronchoscopists from throughout the country together for lectures and hands-on workshops using airway models.

BABIP is a young organization, founded in November 2015 and joining the WABIP in 2017. Since the society’s first meeting last year, faculty conducted several CME workshops, and plan even more this coming year. This will be facilitated by leadership’s initiative to purchase airway models for use in hands-on training. Already, several young faculty are adept at teaching bronchoscopy step-by-step, using assessment tools such as BSTAT, and performing procedure-related consultations using a Four-Box practical approach format.

Novel this year was a focus on practical issues such as communication, cryotherapy, and foreign body removal, with lectures by Indian specialists Drs. Rajani Bhat, Sameer Arbat, and Kedar Hibare, all promising future certified instructors with Bronchoscopy International.

Bangladesh is a lush, beautiful country to the east of India abutting the Bay of Bengal. Its fertile plains are fed by the Ganges, Meghna, and Jamuna rivers. With almost 170 million people needing affordable, quality health care, the physician leadership in Bangladesh has until recently focused on cardiovascular health, in addition to combatting poverty and tuberculosis. Leaders recognize the importance of bronchoscopy in critically ill patients but also for a growing number of patients with lung cancer who require diagnosis, as well as palliative treatment in case of advanced disease.

With knowledgeable junior faculty, enthusiastic numbers of practicing bronchoscopists, motivated students, and inspiring leadership, Bangladesh is poised fro play an active role expanding bronchoscopic and interventional pulmonology practice in the world.

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